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We facilitate your complete closing, working with the Buyer’s lender and the realtors for the Buyer and Seller. We will complete all the title work needed for the transaction, file all the documents, obtain mortgage payoffs for the Seller and maintain any escrows necessary for a transaction to close.

Let your Lender and Realtor know that you would like to use McLeod County Abstract & Title for your closing. After all it is your choice where you close your home purchase.

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Seller's Side Only

We will work with the Buyer’s closing company to complete your closing, whether the Buyer’s company is local or out of the area. We prepare the documents you need to transfer title to the new owner, get the updated title work to the Buyer’s closer and hold your closing at our office, which can make it much more convenient and comfortable for you.

Buyer's Side Only

We work with your Lender, Realtor and you to obtain all the necessary title work from the Seller’s closing company to ensure all the fine details are taken care of for your closing.

Witness Closings

If you are an out of town Lender and have a client in our surrounding area, we provide Witness Closings at our office for your borrower’s convenience.

If you are a Borrower dealing with an out of town Lender and your Lender wants you to come to their office for a refinance or home equity loan closing, suggest to them that you would like to use McLeod County Abstract and Title for your closing.

1031 Tax Deferred Closings

Interested in doing a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange? Our office can do your closing. To fully defer all capital gain taxes, an Exchanger or Qualified Intermediary must be utilized and we are able to do this for you. Discuss a 1031 tax deferred exchange with your tax and/or legal advisors and then call us to do the rest. We work with Asset Preservation, Inc. to complete the exchange. Asset Preservation is backed by Stewart Title Guaranty and excels in the industry as the premier 1031 Qualified Intermediary Company nationally. Give us a call for more information or click on the link to Asset Preservation, Inc.

Refinance Closings

Refinancing your home loan and/or consolidating debt? Let your Lender know you would like to use McLeod County Abstract & Title for your closing. We will obtain payoffs, prepare the necessary title work and complete your closing in a timely manner. With our experienced staff, you will be ensured that documents will be explained and all your questions will be answered. Contact us for details on Re-issue credits and other discounts available if you have closed with us before.

2nd Mortgage – Home Equity Closings

If you are using a 2nd Mortgage or Home Equity loan to purchase your new home – we can close that loan along with your first mortgage simultaneously with no extra settlement fee to you.

Looking for a Home Equity loan with your Lender, locally or out of town? If your Lender is requiring a Closing Company to complete the transaction, have them give us a call to do the closing with McLeod County Abstract & Title. We have the flexibility to fit any Lender’s needs.

Construction Loan Disbursements/Priority Pictures

When we do a Construction Loan closing for you, we are insuring against any mechanics liens being filed against the mortgaged property. Before construction begins, priority pictures are taken to ensure no construction has begun, the mortgage is filed with the County Recorder and construction draws are made through our office. We will pay the contractors, per your request and obtain lien waivers from the contractors as they receive payment. Draw Request and Lien Waiver forms can be downloaded for your convenience. Contact us for details and information on how we can work with individuals and Lenders to meet your special construction needs.

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As a local bank we appreciate partnering with area business to provide title services on behalf of our customers. We trust McLeod County Abstract & Title to provide professional and timely service.

Carol J. Stark

Citizens Bank & Trust Co.

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